Workplace Management Solution

Are you planning to resume your work from office?

Introducing Agiledge Neoffice – a suite of workplace management solution designed to help companies to manage their workforce. 

Our solution is built with simple workflow to ensure it is easy for the employees and admin to use. It is available on a Web app for the admin and Mobile app (android & iOS) for the employees. 

NeOffice Features

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Employee Self-Declaration form is mandated by risk & compliance team in organizations. 

Say goodbye to pen & paper or email declarations forms, and have the entire process done by your employees on their mobile app.

Your benefits :

  • Simple User Interface enabling employees to navigate declaration quickly.
  • Employee self-declaration daily can be stored in one platform
  • Enables the stakeholder to make decisions based on this data.
  • It is contactless, avoids any human touch.
  • Customization of questions available based on your compliance team requirement.
  • Reports and dashboard on webapp for admin to analyze

How do you manage social distancing at a workplace? Can this be solved with a technology intervention?

Here is a feature in our mobile app which uses Bluetooth on your phone to sense if anyone is coming within 6 feet of your safe distance.  The employee gets to see on the mobile screen and a buzzer gets initiated to alert both the employees.

Your benefits :

  • The alert pushed if the employee comes close to another person in less than 6 feet.
  • Mobile app shows visibility of all employees around the user up to 10feet.
  • Dynamic dashboard which helps top-level information at a glance.
  • Network diagram shows contacts done by employees
  • Reports giving details of contacts and time spent.
  • The app helps to build culture amongst the workforce towards social distancing.

Planning to adopt a hybrid model that incorporates the best of both work from office and home?

We have a solution for you –

The employee from his mobile app can decide which days and what time slot he wishes to come to office for work and book an office seat. He can choose the office campus close to his home or his parent office. Once booked, confirmation ticket is available on the mobile screen.


Your benefits :

  • The workflow contains the details of campus, building, tower and floor and its availability.
  • This will reduce the office space utilized and save real estate costs.
  • On the mobile app, employee gets to see the available seats.
  • Auto and approval matrix available
  • A digital token pass will be generated based on the scheduling.

Is overcrowding at entry and exit doors a challenge?  Our solution helps you to plan an effective staggered shift to avoid overcrowding. You can also use this feature to bring in employees to work on different scheduling logic at project, team, and department level.


Your Benefits:

  • Use filters like fever, declaration, etc to group the employees and allocate shifts.
  • Notification send automatically to employees with their shift details.
  • Controls the number of employees in office at a given slot to ensure social distancing.
  • Critical and non-critical employees can be flagged separately.
  • Staggered shifts can be executed based on company requirements.

Employee Well Being

How do you build a culture among employees of practicing hand hygiene and social distancing?

We have 3 features which will help you.

Features are

  • Daily self-declaration of temperature check
  • Hand Hygiene Gamification
  • If the employee or his/her family member is tested positive for COVID, it can be shared with the admin using the mobile app.

Your Benefits:

  • Temperature declaration helps to understand the health of the employees.
  • Helps to plan return of healthy employees to workplace.
  • Hand hygiene alerts help to build a culture of adapting to Government guidelines
  • Earning of hand hygiene coins help organization to understand extent of implementation of the same by employees.
  • Employee can inform through a simple click if he or his family members are tested covid positive.

Being pioneers in employee transport automation we have also added safety features due to this covid19 in My ATOm that ensures safety of your employees during their commute.

Our solution benefits for you

  • Vehicle sanitization schedule
  • Contactless transaction on entry and exit from cab – OTP
  • Temperature check update of driver


Multi-Lingual App

Available on Android & iOS

Rapid Set-Up and Deployment

Rigorous Quality Checks

Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

Dynamic Dashboards

Network Map of social Distancing

Best User-friendly mobile app.

Rapid Setup and Deployment -minimal intervention

Employee has to download the app and follow the instructions in the app.

Agiledge Team - rigorous quality checks

Leadership decisions based on visual data and dynamic analytics

A single platform to assist the key stakeholders

Business and Operations

  • To manage requirements that entail employees in the office
  • Fulfilling business needs
  • Enhance productivity even with work from office & home model


  • Employee Safety
  • Ensuring safety guidelines are followed
  • Availability of the employees to work based on health and declaration.
  • Scheduling and attendance of employees

Facilities and Administration

  • Facilities that needs to be opened
  • Number of employees could come into office
  • Meeting social distancing guidelines
  • Employees transport to office.

How NeOffice workforce management solution help?

  • Seat booking module helping employees to book his office seat for companies with work from office and home hybrid model.
  • Manage social distancing with our tech solution and build a healthy culture of maintaining social distancing amongst employees.
  • Ability to Contact trace the employee based on schedules, attendance in office and travel
  • Schedule employees mutually exclusively. E.g. Fortnightly change in rosters, alternate day attendance
  • Digital self-Declaration form & health status of employee on mobile app.
  • Gamification of hand hygiene protocol to built it as a regular habit amongst employees.

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