Social Distancing


Help to build a culture Of Social Distancing amongst Employees.

Maintaining social distancing is mandatory in today’s world. Especially at your workplace. Using a social distancing software will help the organization to enhance employee safety and as a result, the business productivity doesn’t get affected.

Some of the Challenges faced by organizations are:

  • Overcrowding at office 
  • Risk of office shutdown if an employee becomes covid positive
To ease the implementation of social distancing at office along with detailed analytics, we have Neoffice designed for you. This social distancing software helps employees to maintain distance from one another to stay safe. 



Neoffice – Social Distancing Software

We have used the latest technologies that help you to maintain social distancing within your workplace and ensure employee safety. Our app senses anyone coming within 6feets of distance and gives a warning alarm to both the users. 

Our solution benefits for you:

  • The alert pushed if the employee comes close to another person in less than 6 feet.
  • The mobile app shows the visibility of all employees around the user up to 10feet.
  • Dynamic dashboard which helps top-level information at a glance.
  • The network diagram shows contacts done by employees
  • Reports giving details of contacts and time spent.
  • The app helps to build a culture at workplace towards social distancing.

Our clients say it is easy to implement & use, and helps them to maintain social distancing in an effective manner.  Neoffice comes with multiple features like desk booking, declaration management, employee scheduling etc which will enhance your organization’s efficiency and add value.