Desk Booking Software

Now enable your employees to easily find a workspace that meets their needs and get more out of your office space.

New normal has made us opened up new models of working with improved employee productivity and enhanced engagement. It is not necessary to bring all employees to office for work. Most of the jobs can be done from home too. Companies are evolving to this new reality and are adapting to hybrid mode of work from office and home culture.

From the administration and operational point of view there are challenges to execute this work culture.

Some of the Challenges are:

  • Confusion in the scheduling – who should come to office / who should work from home?
  • Too less or a greater number of employees in the office due to lack of coordination.
  • Unable to maintain social distancing if there are more employees on the floor.
  •  Reduction in productivity

These challenges can adversely affect the overall operations of the organization as it gets difficult to manage employees. Hence, we have developed a solution called Neoffice which solves these challenges in your organization with cutting edge technology using your mobile phone. 

Neoffice – Desk Booking Software

If your organization is into hybrid mode of work from office and home for your employees, then this solution is for you. The employee can book desk and schedule it for a particular date & time from their mobile phone.

Our solution benefits for you:

  • Enables flexible working 
  • The workflow contains the details of campus, building, tower, and floor to choose the seat which is available.
  •  On the mobile app, the employee gets to book the available seats.
  • Avoids confusion and easy to communicate as once the seat is booked, the employee gets the confirmation.
  • QR code-based seat occupancy status.
  • Auto and approval matrix available
  • Can set the maximum number of employees who can come to office to manage the strength.
  • Optimize workspace efficiency, better capacity management, and save real estate cost.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Easy to implementation
  • Compliance

Our clients say it is easy to implement & use, and helps them to manage the seat allotment in an effective manner. Adapting to the changes and using it as an opportunity to increase productivity is a smart approach in business. Neoffice comes with multiple features along with desk booking module that will enhance your organization’s efficiency and add value.