Seat Allocation Management now made simple

Employee Scheduling Software

Manually managing various office shifts can be tough.

Are you concerned about:

  • getting the right team to office
  • the overcrowding at office
  • communicating about the shift updates to employees

We have a simple solution for you – Neoffice, Employee Scheduling Software. This solution will help you to allocate employees shifts based on various parameters.

Major Features:

  • Employee scheduling based on project, team or department
  • Schedule based on employee’s health status
  • Automatic notification triggered to employees once schedule created
  • Staggered shift can be executed based on company requirements
  • Admin access can be given based on designation for easy management.
  • Set number of employees who can be on floor at a time to maintain social distancing.

This software also have other features like desk booking, conference room booking, declaration management, in-office social distancing etc. Our employee scheduling solution will ensure smooth office operation and its easy to use.