Conference Room Booking Software

The smartest way to manage your conference rooms

Due to the hybrid work culture and to optimize the usage of meeting rooms, a conference room booking software can be of great help. 

We have developed a solution NEOFFICE, that is simple to use, easy to implement, and helps in the proper utilization of office space. 

Our app installed in the employee’s mobile phone helps them to check the availability of conference rooms. Based on the availability they can book for themselves and their team. Instant notification can be pushed to employees who are scheduled for the meeting, hence making it easy to communicate within the team too. 


Neoffice – Conference Room Booking Software

Work from home definitely required caching up with the team once in a while to enhance productivity. Meeting at your office conference room is the best place to interact with your team and come up with ideas. We have made it easy for you with our solution Neoffice – Conference Room Booking Software. 

Our solution benefits for you:

  • The solution comes with a user-friendly mobile app for the employees.
  • Visualize your spaces with interactive
    maps, taking user experience to the next level.
  •  On the mobile app, employee gets to book the conference room.
  • Avoids confusion and easy to communicate as once the room is booked, the employees scheduled for the meeting get the confirmation.
  • Auto and approval matrix available
  • Can set the maximum number of employees who can get into conference room to manage the strength.
  • Better capacity management and save real estate cost.
  • Save time and money by automating previously time-consuming space management tasks.
  • Easy to implement
  • Compliance


Our clients say it is easy to implement & use, and helps them to manage the conference room scheduling in an effective manner. Adapting to the changes and using it as an opportunity to increase productivity is a smart approach in business. Neoffice comes with multiple features along with desk booking module that will enhance your organization’s efficiency and add value.