Declaration Management Software

Need Self Declaration from employees before getting them to office?

Across the world, organizations & employees have been facing a curveball due to COVID. These unprecedented times call for a quick & hassle-free solution to securely bring the employees back to their workplace. 

In times like these, communication can get tough.

Some of the Challenges are:

  • Risk involved if employee health details is not updated
  • Lack of communication between the management and employees
  • Unable to understand employee’s situation due to this pandemic

These challenges can adversely affect the overall operations of the organization as it gets difficult to manage employees. Hence, we have developed a declaration management solution called Neoffice which solves these challenges in your organization with cutting edge technology.

Neoffice – Employee Declaration Management Software

Employee self declaration form is mandated by risk and compliance teams in an organization. Today many organizations are adopting a work-from-home model.  Communication with remote workers is becoming a challenge to understand their well-being.

Our solution benefits for you:

  • Simple User Interface enabling employees to navigate declaration in a quick manner.
  • Employee self-declaration on a daily basis can be stored in one platform
  • Enables the stakeholder to make decisions based on this data.
  • Contactless process, avoids any human touch.
  • Customization of questions available based on your compliance team requirement.
  • Preferred answer option available and follow up action for each answer can be configured
  • Actions/next steps based on preferred answers can be configured
  • Reports and dashboard on web app for admin to analyze.

Our clients say it is easy to implement & use, and helps them to understand employee well-being and hence take necessary steps within the organization.  Neoffice comes with multiple features along with declaration management module that will enhance your organization’s efficiency such as desk booking, scheduling. in-office social distancing and much more.