Why do you need an automated employee transportation?

Why do you need an automated employee transportation?

The majority of organisations still use a non-automated or semi-automated transportation system. This comes with a number of issues, the most significant of which being the difficulty in scaling such models as a company grows. Aside from rising costs and revenue losses, misunderstanding, lack of accountability, and unnecessary expenditures in employee mobility management loom big.

This is where a solution like our MyAtom: Employee Transport Management System” comes into play. We are a technology-driven, end-to-end Transport-as-a-Service app that enable seamless solutions to employee transportation activities such as workforce rostering, fleet planning management, cab monitoring, and billing MIS. By leveraging cutting-edge technology offered by IoT, Artificial Intelligence and fundamental process automation, we provide a slew of benefits to corporations, some of which are listed below:

Reduces manual effort and saves time:

One of the most commonly known advantages of automation is that it saves time and effort. Every day, planning transportation for a group of 100-500 employees 24X7 organisation and ensuring that all employees are picked up and dropped off securely necessitates a pretty large, skilled operations crew. As a result, automation becomes a much more appealing option. Our Transport Automation System provides services such as rostering, fleet planning, fleet deployment, and billing. The interface is similar to that of a taxi app, with the driver receiving pick-up and drop-off instructions as well as route recommendations, and the employee obtaining cab information based on her preferred time of travel.

Any route detours, stops or disruptions are highlighted, and female-only cabs are monitored more closely. All of this is possible with the press of a button. Additionally, data and insights collected on a daily basis from drivers, employees, and transportation management may be consolidated and processed efficiently using automated procedures, freeing up human agents to focus on more critical matters.

Enhanced employee safety:

Employee safety is the primary goal of corporate-sponsored transportation systems. With rotating shifts and an increasing focus on safety procedures for women, it is vital that companies provide taxis that ensure the safe pick-up and drop-off of employees. Our solutions are equipped with strong security features such as app-based SOS alarm, real-time vehicle tracking, background checks of drivers, geo-fencing and much more. Using a one-click confirmation option the employees can notify their employer when they get into a cab and eventually arrive at their destination. For female passengers, automation systems also provide automatic safe-drop confirmations to verify that the employee has arrived home safely. These alert systems help the transportation team become efficient and help manage scope. Through these features, companies can ensure the maximum safety of their employees and prevent unwanted incidents that can seriously damage the reputation of the organization.

End-to-end optimization & easy audit:

myATOm ensures that your organization’s expenditure on transport administration is kept to a minimal through customised routing depending on your needs. Employees can sign up for transportation and set pick-up and drop-off times. In the event of an emergency, ad hoc scheduling is also accessible. We provide full transaction visibility that allows for audit control and editing. Vehicle allocation is based on the company’s needs and shift schedules. The use of digital records allows for greater flexibility in developing reports and dashboards, as well as superior visual analytics for quick comprehension and perusal. myATOm is intended to manage multi-site, multi-city operations with ease of implementation. It is simple to integrate with location programmes such as Google Maps. Different modules & Parameters can be defined based on your company’s needs to generate user-defined customer reports. You can also define or create additional modules on the app at an additional cost.