IoT Application Development

Agiledge IoT development service brings the best solutions according to your requirement and transforms your business to the next level. We use analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and adopt cutting-edge technologies to develop robust IoT applications.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology connects digitally with your surrounding devices and boost your enterprise productivity, improve quality and cost effectiveness. These devices talking to each other with their collected data, creates an amazing digital ecosystem which you can utilize to your advantage.

What Agiledge IoT Development Services Offer

Our Areas of Expertise

Mobile to Machine Communication Using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC

Remote log collection and storage using Bluetooth/NFC

Machine to machine communication Wi-Fi, Zigbee or NFC

Cloud based application (Device data, UI application, hardware track & monitoring)

Publishing logs using mobile apps to central servers.

Display of key indicators and problems based on configuration data.

Reading Meta-Data driven hardware configuration files of device (FTP).

Enabling authentication & authorization around device configurations.

Visualization of hardware configuration with editors to work with updates.

Pushing firm-ware back to devices using NFC/Bluetooth protocols

Secure information transmission using tokens singed by public/private keys.

Pushing firmware to remote controls

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