Agiledge Covid-19 Exit Protocol Manager

An automation software designed for companies to manage their Exit Protocol post Covid lockdown. This will help the management team to take decisions based on the data provided by our software which minimizes the risk and enhance business continuity.

It is an imperative to understand where your employees are to be able to plan resuming office work.

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Our solution helps you to make decisions to address the following challenges

Locating your Employees

Currently where are your employees? In which zone (red, orange, green)? Which state? If they have travelled to their native town, do they have an option to return?

Return of Employees to Work Town

Many employees stay in PGs and in rented accommodations. Are they coming in from a Red Zone or going into a Red Zone? How to handle employees coming in from Red Zones into the office?

Multiple Office / Factories opening in different Location

Which of your offices are in a better situation to be re-opened? Can your employees log into the closest office? How to know where the offices and the employees are?

Planning your Expenditure on re-opening

How many employees will come into office and in which location? What purchasing of Services and Material needs to be done? How to optimally manage your expenditure in this crisis.

The COVID Exit Protocol Life Cycle

Overview of Agiledge Covid19 Exit Protocol Manager

Enable organizations to view their own employees layered on the current COVID Spread on a dynamic basis.

COVID19 dynamic data through Government Sources

Has dynamic information on complete COVID19 spread all across the country. This has a drill down to the Ward Level. The maps are clearly marked with the designations as mandated by the Government. All Sources of data are from the Government approved data sources Only

Employee dynamic data through the employee app

The employee self Geo-Locates using our mobile app. Understand Employee Location and where is the employee in the COVID Map. Offering a data driven and dynamic insight into employee location.

Rapid Setup and Deployment -minimal intervention

Employee Geo-Locates on his Mobile Device, capturing accurate and dynamic Location

Agiledge Team - curation, rigorous quality checks and ensuring accuracy and veracity of data

Leadership decisions based on visual data and dynamic analytics


Rapid Set-Up and Deployment

Only Government Approved data

Rigorous Quality Checks

Enabling Data Driven decision Making

Create Robust COVID Exit Protocols

Dynamic Dashboards

Web Application

Mobile Application

A single platform to assist the key stakeholders

This solution will assist the organization in following exit protocols for return staffing

  • Schedule employees mutually exclusively.. E.g. Fortnightly change in rosters, Alternate day attendance
  • Meeting company requirements, only schedule 30% staff and only critical staff
  • Scale up plan to say 50% staffing or any other
  • Exit Schedule Protocols to be followed strictly during scale-up
  • Ability to Contact trace the employee based on schedules, attendance in office and travel
  • COVID Protocol based routing and transport for the employee
  • Ensuring same driver for a set of employees
  • Contact tracing possible for all employee through the driver contact

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