Case Study 2


A Fortune 500 European conglomerate company faced problems with its existing transport management tools and faced issues around billing reconciliation, vehicle tracking, rostering the transport schedule of employees, etc. The company approached Agiledge to help them re-design the employee transport management process by developing a sustainable technological solution, that reduced costs and improved employee satisfaction associated with the transport management process.


Agiledge did a thorough study on the employee transport management process to understand the challenges and source of inefficiency in the entire supply chain. After analyzing the challenges, Agiledge implemented myATOm (Agiledge transport optimization manager) to integrate the entire supply chain and eliminate inefficiency and scheduling challenges in the employee transport management process

Real-time tracking of vehicles for Company’s transport department (Desktop Application)and Employees Tracking (Mobile Application)

Elimination of manual intervention in route planning with the implementation of myATOm’s advanced route planning algorithm.

Elimination of safety risk for women employees by incorporation of a PANIC alarm, which alerts the transport department in real time, and provides for real time tracking of the vehicle

Panic Report Dashboard


100% Automation of the billing process for transport

Cost Reduction by 20%

21.3% improvement in Vehicle Utilization

75% improvement in employee satisfaction rate with the transport process

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