Smart way to maintain Social Distancing at Office

The new normal has led to drastic changes at office. The long meetings inside a tiny cabin, employees packed in small elevator, taking breaks together and getting overcrowded near the entry and exit points have to be stopped due to this pandemic. Social Distancing along with all other precaution is what will save us all from this pandemic. One of the key drivers to flatten the curve of the covid 19 spread is use of social distancing by entire communities. The CDC defines social distancing as it applies to COVID-19 as remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible.

How to Maintain Social Distancing at Office?

Many companies are planning to get back to office. It is mandatory to ensure that all staffs maintain social distancing at work place.

Some of the social distancing practices are stickers on the floor which is 6 feet apart, alternate seating arrangements etc. These practices many not give the desired result as the range of implementing these is limited as it can still get overcrowded near the entry and exit points.

We have developed a simple and robust solution for you to ensure social distancing at office using your mobile phone. 

Our app in employee’s android or ios mobile which uses Bluetooth to sense if anyone is coming within 6 feet of your employee’s safe distance. The employee gets to see on the mobile screen and buzzer gets initiated to alert both the employees.

This not only helps in social distancing, but also contact tracing.  The admin gets to view in web application the details of employees who have contacted with other employees and the data can be retrieved easily.

The Social Distancing App advantages are:

  • The employee should be able to view his co-workers around him on his mobile app. In case anyone gets within the 6 feet of radius space he will get a warning alert, so he could request his co-worker to maintain distance.
  • Mobile app shows visibility of all employees around the user up to 10feet.
  • The employer will get a summary of all interactions being done along with network diagram. In case of any employee gets infected with covid 19 then a contact tracing can be done and preventive quarantine can be done of primary /secondary contacts. This help solve business continuity of operations.
  • Dynamic dashboard which helps contact tracing easier at a glance which can also be broken down on the basis of date, location, branch or employee name.
  • Reports giving details of contacts and time spent.
  • The app helps to build culture amongst workforce towards social distancing.

This feature is easy to implement as the employees just have to download the application and enable Bluetooth setting. Our solutions are built with “secure at source” ideology which ensures the software is safe and secure to use.

We hope for a happy and healthy office and this is our solution for you:

NEOFFICE – Workforce Management Solution for New Normal.

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